Marula Beauty Gift


“Marula Beauty Gift” to wish Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays or simply for yourself.

The eco-friendly box contains:

 Box is for FREE!


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A fair-trade and organic gift idea.

The eco-friendly box is FOR FREE (size 18X12,50×7 cm) and it is handmade in Nepal  from hard cardboard paper, wrapped with simple dried flower detailed Lokta paper. The lid is secured with wooden button. You can use it to hold jewelleries, colours,  collection items or for organizing your drawers.

CURIOSITY: the Lokta paper that comes from evergreen shrubs present at high altitudes in Nepal, for its strength, is traditionally used by the Nepalese government for the registration of official documents and for sacred texts .

Products in the eco-friendly box are those of the AURUM Africa beauty line.








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