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AURUM Africa Marula Oil…so special, why?
First of all let’s point out what is common between all Marula trees in southern Africa. They are all wild growing for centuries and they are endemic to this part of the world. So everything you do in harvesting the Marula fruit to get the nuts and finally the seeds which are pressed is very hard and time eating labour. So one of the most crucial points in judging a Marula-Oil producing company is how they treat the people who are doing the toughest part of the job namely harvesting, drying, cracking the nuts by hand and extracting the seeds.

AURUM Africa is treating the people we work with on the same eye level. Prices for the seeds are negotiated from year to year directly with the participating communities in the northern part of Namibia where the trees grow. So we clearly obey to the 10 principles of the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation) http://www.wfto.com/fair-trade/10-principles-fair-trade. 

Our Namibian producer is on it´s way to become a member of the WFTO.

Our oil is cold pressed and it is organic certified.

  • No solvents or preservatives are added to our oil
  • After pressing the nuts we additionally filter the oil with a 0.2 micron filter which is commonly regarded as “sterile filtration” to get rid of all yeasts and moulds
  • We send every batch to ensure the above to Wessling, one of the best renowed laboratories in Germany http://de.wessling-group.com/en/services/cosmetics/ (a test report is available on request)
  • We constantly check the hygienic situation at the harvesting sites to avoid contamination from the very beginning
  • At the company premise where the oil is pressed we have a cold-storage room where the nuts and the oil is stored for production and/or until shipment. The oil, in alimentary containers, travels by air with international carrier in order to minimize transport times
  • We have a strong and reliable partnership with our producers (no intermediaries)
  • We have a strong and emphatic relation to Africa and african producers for decades
  • To additionally show the highest quality of our products we decided to undertake all products a dermatology testing which was done in two sessions at the University of Ferrara (Italy)
  • The entire production process complies with the strict EU regulations on cosmetics
  • Our Marula Oil is organic certified
  • We work together with European cosmetic formulators who have experience in this business for many years.

What are the properties of Marula Oil ?
It is rich in vitamin C, E, Omega 9, 6. It is naturally anti-aging, nutritious, polishing with antioxidant properties. It contrasts cellular aging, increases collagen production, reduces the signs of time, makes the skin compact, toned, elastic and bright. Due to the high content of oleic acid, its use is also particularly indicated on sensitive skin. It helps regenerate the mucous membranes.

How can I use it ?
Being odorless and easily absorbable, it can be used in the morning as a day cream after careful cleansing of the face and before make-up and in the evening as a night cream. It is perfect for body after shower and after sun exposure and as massage oil.

Can it also be used on hair? How?
It is perfect on the hair as a mask before  shampooing or just after washing to tame the hairstyle. It nourishes them, makes them soft, silky and bright.

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