Kalahari Melon Oil 100% Natural 50 ml


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Kalahari Melon Oil  is an excellent skin car oil.  It has great moisturizing and restructuring properties thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids that contribute to the suppleness and beauty of the skin. Since it helps to dissolve excess sebum, it is excellent for skin prone to impurities and imperfections and also for children’s skin care.

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From the Kalahari Desert a beauty Oil 100% natural ideal for young a very young skin

Kalahari Melon Oil is a superb noncomedogenic, restorative skin care oil. Wildcrafted virgin cold pressed sun-dried seeds from small Citrullus lanatus watermelons are rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. It has great moisturizing, regenerating and restructuring properties, thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids (50 to 70% linoleic acid)

Kalahari Melon Oil contains a high level of y-tocopherol (70.56 mg/100g), followed by α-tocopherol (25.94 mg/100g), which provide antioxidant properties.

Lightweight and highly moisturizing, it is quickly absorbed.

Citrullus lanatus seed oil
From the sustainable harvest of wild-grown Kalahari Melon (Citrullus lanatus)  seeds in Namibia. AURUM Africa Kalahari Melon Oil  is extracted in pureness by a cold pressing process with no addition of solvents and preservatives and it is naturally filtered. Dermatogically tested.

  • Store at room temperature
  • Protect from heat and direct sunlight

How to use Kalahari Melon Oil

Morning and evening on well-cleansed face-neck- décolleté skin.
On body skin after shower and whenever you feel the need to deeply hydrate it.